For Home Sellers:
My husband Mike and I specialize in expert pre-listing advice, outstanding home preparation, and top-quality staging and photography.  Every home I list goes on market ready to ‘wow’ home buyers.  My listing services include complimentary home staging and high-quality photos by one of the best real estate photographers in the Seattle area.  Click here to see before and after photo galleries of recent listings.

Seller Testimonial:

“Irene and Mike were incredible! Their combined knowledge of the market along with their personable but professional demeanor makes them a great team!!! Let them stage your home. The end results will be well worth it. I would recommend them to anyone that is buying or selling a home.”


For Home Buyers: I offer honest, to-the-point advice and expertise in order to ensure that my clients will be happy with their investments over the long term.  I have been dealing successfully in multiple offers since the early 2000’s, helping buyers make wise decisions in competitive situations. I completely understand that representing home buyers is about consultation, not sales.  I will tell you if you are considering a home that I think has problems, or if you may be overlooking a home that could have great potential.

Buyer Testimonial:

“Irene and Mike have been the most professional, knowledgeable and responsive realtors I’ve ever worked with…. I think they are equally strong on the buying and selling side, and do a great job of telling you the pros and cons of each feature, each house and location.”

Professional Background

I started my real estate career in 1999.  Originally from Pennsylvania, I spent twelve years in Europe growing up (Germany, France, and Belgium), received a degree in business from Penn State University and ultimately a degree in Zoology with high honors from University of Montana.  Four years of doing biology work for the National Marine Fisheries Service on commercial fishing vessels on the Bering Sea followed, after which I began my real estate career working on both the Eastside and in Seattle.

My husband Mike is a key partner in helping sellers get the most value from home sales with strategic pre-listing advice, which includes often going “hands-on” to get important work done that otherwise would not happen.  Originally from New Zealand, he spent years working as a practical engineer in New Zealand and Australia.  During his time in Australia he bought and completely refitted a “fixer” sailboat (a two-year process while also working a full-time job), then sailed most of the way around the world over the next seven years.  Anyone who is involved in staging and preparing a house for sale with him will notice the attention to detail that comes from working on the interiors of sailing vessels.  After designing and building his own home in New Zealand, Mike arrived in Seattle as the engineer on the award-winning super-yacht ‘T6’, which he also helped build. Mike is enormously skilled in the fields of home staging and helping prospective sellers plan and execute projects that are crucial to getting the best market price for their properties.

Personal Background

When we are not working hard for our clients, we can often be found kayaking on one of the beautiful whitewater rivers that abound around the Seattle area, regardless of the time of year.  Whitewater kayaking is also how we met in the first place, incidentally resulting in what we both think is the best wedding photo ever. (Yes, we’re biased.)  We are usually accompanied by our two dogs, Buddy and Libby, both of whom are terrible swimmers but great at moral support.

Possibly the best wedding photo ever.

The beautiful Skykomish River near Index, WA as a backdrop to the wedding.


Giving Back

We are happy to regularly support a number of local and international charities that help humans and the environment.


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